NBA power rankings rate the league from top to bottom. Our rankings are only concerned with the top 10 contending teams.  Recent history matters, but only so much.  These will be updated regularly with a focus on the entire season.

Updated November 19, 2017

1) Warriors (12-4): The champs are (shockingly) the most efficient offense in the league while still running a top 10 defense.   Draymond Green is averaging 6.6 APG and loving life.

2) Rockets (13-4): The Beard and co. are rocking the second most efficient offense while playing D at a shockingly high-level.  Ranked just ahead of the Warriors, this is a team that cares on defense.  Is CP3 the best player-coach in the league?  Eric Gordon has filled in admirably in the backcourt while they waited on CP3 to return and Clint Capela has casually averaged a double-double on 26 MPG.  Efficiency at its finest.

3) Celtics(15-2): Youth and Defensive Intensity have gone a long way for the C’s so far in the season.  They have played and won while facing a genuinely tough strength of schedule and are shaping up to be the top dogs in the east so far.  Kyrie Irving doesn’t usually make a statistical impact past his offense but is finally trying on defense with an impressive 1.7 SPG.  Tony Robins takes courses from Brad Stevens on motivation.

4) Raptors(10-5):: The Dinos are a top 5 offense thus far thanks to a hot start for DeMar DeRozan at 24.7 PPG.  They are getting efficient shots playing passable defense against an average schedule.  Ibaka’s three-point efficiency (40%) is making a big impact on the offense and forcing defenders to stay honest.

5) Wizards (9-6): Bradley Beal, John Wall, and Otto Porter Jr. might be the best big 3 not in Golden State.  I know what I said.  Wall’s AST% of 43.7 is at LeBron levels this year and Beal is shooting with confidence.  If they can continue to get decent minutes from guys like Tim Frazier, they are off to the races.

6) Thunder (7-8): The lack of wins in a weaker schedule is concerning, but this team is locking people down.  Westbrook, PG, and Carmelo will find plenty of ways to score each night so if this team is defending with tenacity they are legit.  Who knew Carmelo could play some defense?

7) Pistons (10-5): This must be a mistake.  Detroit at 7? Look. They defend the perimeter really well in a league where most teams are sitting on the line looking for threes.  They are finding opportunities in transition and Andre Drummond is looking like a franchise center again.  Tobias Harris is shooting with CONFIDENCE while leading the team in crucial moments.  They are better than we thought.  Or not.  Impossible to pin down.

8) Nuggets (9-6): This team can score in bunches and will win shootouts with teams that look past them.  It’s a dangerous squad that is bringing Denver back into the playoff picture with a really fun offense.  Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris, and Nikola Jokic are all shooting over 40% from three-point-land. If they can maintain a level anywhere near that they legitimate threats to any team on a nightly basis.


9) Spurs(10-6): Without Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs are 10-6.  They are nothing special offensively but are one of the most efficient teams in the league on defense.  Without Kawhi.  Coach Pop is an absolute savant.  Oh, and LaMarcus Aldridge appears to enjoy basketball again which is cool.  Remember when he was supposed to be a max player?  I think he did.

10) Trailblazers (9-7): Surprisingly great defense from Jusuf Nurkic and Ed Davis have me high on the Trailblazers.  Damian Lillard is playing at his typical elite level with 24.6 PPG and a solid 6.4 APG.  CJ McCollum is holding up his end of the deal with a 51% 3pt!!!! This team can be hit or miss on nights, but are really dangerous when everything is clicking.

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